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Endings. The beginning (?!) of a transition.

The Ending. From William Bridges‘ book Transitions. Letting go is hard. We worry that the change was a bad idea.  The difficulty of releasing old selves and old identities makes us think „Can it be that the old thing was somehow (and in spite of everything we thought we knew) right for us and the new […]

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Transitions. We all have them. We don’t talk about them. We need to.

Transitions are uncomfortable.  They just are.  There is no way to whitewash or sugar-coat the pain, sometimes agony, of a transition. A few days ago, I was looking for a cookbook on my shelf.  And I pulled out with it — as if by an invisible hand — my mother’s book Transitions by William Bridges. I […]

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What’s a transition?

What is a transition? I’m drawing from the work of transition expert William Bridges (source below). A transition has three basic parts, and these can come in any order or mix up or flip back on themselves and repeat.  An Ending. „Letting go of an old situation.“  This is a kind of death. The good old […]

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