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    • Nominated for “Famos für Familie” award, family-friendliest boss at RWTH Aachen University: 2008, 2009
    • “GLOBALIFE”- Project. Nominated as one of eight finalists for the Descartes prize for excellence in transnational, collaborative research within the European Union (March 2007).
    • Nominated as a finalist for the RWTH Aachen Excellent Teaching Award, Summer Semester 2007
    • Award for Excellence in Teaching. Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg, in Semesters 2003, 2003/2004, 2004 and 2004/2005.
    • Award for Best Graduate Student Paper at Sloan Foundation Academic Conference (February 2002) San Francisco, CA, USA.

      Scholarships and Fellowships

        • Sage Graduate Fellowship for Dissertation Research, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA. 2000–2001.
        • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship, 1997–2001.
        • Cornell Careers Institute Summer Fellowship, 1997–2001.
        • Sage Graduate Fellowship, 1995–1996.
        • National Science Foundation Fellowship (USA) Honorable Mention, 1995.
        • Hall Family Foundation Scholarship, 1991–1995.
        • National Merit Scholarship, 1991–1995.
        • Summa cum Laude, 1991.
        • National Honor Society, 1987–1991.

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