Soul messages and sense of mission

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The work we choose, the lessons we repeat for those around us, tend to be reflections of where we have been, where we are, or where we want to be. 

The messages that hold the most resonance for us personally will be the ones that we long to repeat for others, in the hope that we can help them with the a-ha moment that the message gives us.The messages that hold the most resonance for us personally will be the ones that we long to repeat for others.

One of the messages I never tire of, because it speaks to my soul, is the history and potential of women’s power and place on the planet. 

It’s hard to overstate the impact of the experience of being born and raised a woman in a culture that paradoxically said to me, and to all girls:

  • we could do anything,
  • but we were automatically less worthy of respect, audience, free time, and money than men are. 

In books, films, advertising, history, and in witnessing neighbors and family members, the message is discouraging. Women often can feel themselves to be in a position of either hiding their light under a bushel or focusing it only where allowed so as not to threaten others, or living out the full range and thereby offending others and feeling the backlash. 

There are other options.

Thus the tribe I serve includes women and men who are expanding their range and challenging assumptions.

I work especially with those who give their energy in areas where it’s unusual, and where they face resistance to their presence and their ideas.  That means women in male-dominated fields or spheres of broader social influence, and men in areas where they are underrepresented (primary caregiving, for example). I am an active researcher in these areas and a champion and a sister on the journey.

Another message I care about is the way our past family generations’ experiences shape our own lives, both with the strengths and the limitations.

We may wish to imagine ourselves to be self-made conscious rational decision-makers. Yet the messages, learning, strengths, and coping strategies of past generations are given to us at many levels. 

We as baby humans are little sponges that collect everything from our environments to teach us how to live.  We pick up useful ideas, but also limiting ones. 

Going against a tradition or family member’s values in pursuing the dream or life that’s appropriate for us in our contemporary times can lead to some internal and interpersonal conflicts.  My research cares about intergenerational themes, and I do, too.

What do you preach that you most need and want to hear?  What is your a-ha message for the world?  For your innermost soul?  What are the connections between what you do for others and what you do for yourself?

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