European Society on Family Relations Conference in Milan, Italy

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Together with Celina Proch and Lena Hünefeld, we presented a talk at the “Fifth ESFR Congress” with the title: “The patterns of job-related spatial mobility within family life stages for German and Polish men and women”. We presented, among other findings, our results that there are not only disadvantages for job-related spatial mobility. Mothers in Germany, whose youngest child is between 6 and 12, who are highly mobile for their jobs, report less exhaustion than the mothers of children the same age who are not highly mobile for work reasons. We’re going to expand the research to understand what may be at play. One explanation, consistent with research from the Alfred P. Sloan Center in Chicago (Linda Waite and Barbara Schneider), is that moms get time to themselves when they’re commuting long distances or taking frequent business trips, and this time for themselves reduces their exhaustion level. Another explanation is that the fathers in these households are much more involved, giving the mothers additional support that mothers who aren’t mobile don’t receive.

European Society on Family Relations 5th Congress

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