German Weather Service looks to increase women’s presence in leadership ranks

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I had the pleasure of meeting with the leadership of the German Weather Service (DWD) on Friday, June 30, 2017 at their Leadership Conference in the impressive headquarters in Offenbach am Main and talk with them about women in leadership. We looked at some of the obstacles are to women’s reaching the upper leadership levels and the reasons organizations benefit from having women for leadership. I offered some ideas on how to get started. By popular demand, the slides are available here. I appreciated the excellent discussion, the broad interest, the personal reflections about how our historical times and upbringings have influenced the way our careers have been constructed as men and women, and the fantastic organization of the entire event. I hope I can return in some years and see how the DWD is doing with its goals!
The DWD offers a fascinating mix of science and public service, located throughout Germany, with 2400 employees. They monitor not only weather and meteorological phenomena but also radioactivity. In their 65 years as one organization (and a longer history than that of observations, dating to 1781), they’ve produced over 90,000 weather forecasts and 25,000 weather warnings, to mention just a few impressive statistics. They support ships, pilots, and offshore sites. Quite an expansive repertoire, not to mention the data management involved! Hats off to the DWD.

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