WORK 2015 Conference in Turku, Finland: Bright August Nights

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Thank goodness that talented folks put on stimulating conferences. The Turku, Finland WORK2015 was just such a conference.
When I got word in September 2014 that Turku, Finland would be the site for a conference on „New Meanings of Work“ in August 2015, I submitted a paper on a topic dear to my heart for the stream „Sustainability at Work“: A light in the shadows: Experts reveal the themes that inhibit sustainable careers and sustainable organizations.
I also offered to organize a stream. Our Topic was „Sources of Meaning in Work,“ subdivided into the categories Sources of meaning of work for industries in transition, Measuring meaning in different kinds of work, Features of work that enhance meaning, and The relevance of nations and identities in the meaning of work.
Three golden days.
I slipped away at the end of the first day to the Turku Handicrafts Museum to get some historical perspective on the ways we work and talk about work now. Indeed, the hard manual work with components of self-expression and identity featured during their demonstration week were a stark contrast to a lot of the symbol-processing bureaucratic work or repetitive factory work experienced by millions of workers in our post-Industrial Revolution world. Please enjoy the images in the gallery.

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