Reason #8 why it matters to have women in leadership: women’s personal development

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The final aspect from my series of eight aspects why women should have access to leadership positions is the personal development that growing in a position, or towards a position, can bring for a person. A person who can grow and develop and be challenged at work will be able to develop parts of the personality and gather experience that enriches life. What does it mean for a woman when she can take over formal leadership? When she can develop herself? When she can see the breadth and depth of possibilities? When she can learn where her own boundaries are? When she can use the energy of the organization to implement her goals for a better world, country, organization, family, or community? That’s powerful.

Our work changes us. Does our work tell us that we can be more, that we can give ourselves challenges? Leadership opportunities are challenges, and many women want to grow through these challenges. These challenges and chances ought to be distributed for the good of the leaders, organizations, and broader society.

I have named eight aspects why we need more women in leadership:

  1. The human rights dimension.
  2. The difference argument: women bring something new to the table.
  3. The business case for diversity.
  4. To develop role models: for the employees and for children. 
  5. The visibility that comes to issues through the novelty of the unusual leader. 
  6. Breaking with roles to establish new possibilities for men and for women, at work and at home.
  7. To identify barriers that might be holding back not only women, but also some men.
  8. The personal development for the leader herself: spreading opportunity for women to develop themselves and their visions for a better world.

I am certain there are more aspects. Please feel welcome to share your ideas with me. Let’s grow the list, and let’s grow the awareness of how this talent pool of half the population can and must be brought in to help us build more humane, sustainable, effective organizations and nations.

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