Reason #6 why women should be in leadership: Sharing the burden

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Reason six: It does people good to know they’re not alone.

Sharing responsibilities in the home is good for partnerships and for children, who learn that everyone pitches in.

The division of labor at work does us and our teams good, too. Sharing the burdens and responsibilities makes it possible for men and women to have more time for their families, their volunteer work and causes, and for themselves.

Some men are more or less forced into the leadership role, just because they’re men, and men are the first to pop into the imagination of the selection committee when a leadership vacancy appears. Even if the nominated man doesn’t really want the leadership position, he may feel pressure to accept the “promotion” to leadership because it’s expected of him. Such pressure and reluctant acceptance of the job doesn’t really benefit anyone: not the organization, not the man, and not those who were passed over because they didn’t look the part. Men would benefit if this automatic knee-jerk reaction to put a man in leadership ceases. That would mean that the people who take over the leadership positions are those who want them and wish to grow with and into them. That does men, women, and their teams a world of good.

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