Franz Oppenheimer, the first sociology professor in Germany, celebrated today

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Today we opened the historical exhibit about Franz Oppenheimer’s life, which will be in place in our foyer for the coming six weeks. I gave the opening address in German. Today is not only the first day of the summer semester, but also the start of a series of large birthday celebrations for the Goethe-University, which turns 100 this year. And, Franz Oppenheimer was born 150 years ago. Further, our Sociology department is one year old today, even as Oppenheimer established sociology in Frankfurt already in 1919 when he established the first chair of sociology in Germany. We have a long and proud tradition of Sociology in Frankfurt, and we’re making it visible and doing it credit through actions like this one.
Many thanks to the colleagues Professor Klaus Lichtblau and Claudia Willms who put the exhibit together. It feels great to be reminded of what the founders of our field did, who they were, and what they stood for. What can we build on that? A tremendous legacy is ours to live up to and to expand. I look forward to meeting this challenge, together with my team and colleagues.

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