Women in STEM Fields: Hessen’s Mentoring Network 2012 Celebration in Fulda, 22. June 2013

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The state of Hessen has a mentoring program for women in science, engineering, and technology fields at the university and doctoral level. The graduating class of 2012 of this mentoring program met on June 22, 2013, a beautiful Saturday, in the impressive rooms of the Palace in Fulda for their final awards ceremony and send-off. Over 85 mentor teams were represented. I gave a keynote talk about the special situation of women in math, science, technology, and engineering fields. Based on research about the career pathways, wishes, points of enjoyment and points of frustration for women in these fields, and research on women in male-dominated careers, I encouraged the young women to pursue their passion for their field, with open eyes to the social situation and with confidence and self-assurance: „Authentic at work: Successfully Managing Roles and Expectations.“

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