Gender-neutral careers in STEM-fields: Are they possible?

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On June 20, 2013 I gave a talk in Berlin for an audience of young women just finishing their studies in the STEM fields (STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The question on the table was, can women have gender-neutral careers in STEM fields?  And the answer I gave is, as long as women constitute a minority — for example under 30 percent — in a profession, working group, or at their level within a firm, then gender-neutrality is more difficult. We talked about why it’s more difficult, and what strategies women can take in the workplace so that they are less likely to experience gender discrimination in pay, promotion, and respect in a male-dominated working world.  The lecture was organized by the national organization „meet.ME – Komm, mach MINT“  and was held at the dbb-forum-berlin as part of the Project ‚Nationaler Pakt für Frauen in MINT-Berufen‘.

A condensed version of my talk: 2013-06-20-mach.MINT_Hofmeister.pdf
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