Transnational Mobility: who in Europe is most willing to move across borders for work?

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Who are those people who hop countries, working in many places over their careers? My team – Celina Proch and Lena Hünefeld – presented our recent research on this question at a conference on International Mobility in Bielefeld in May. We will be looking for a publication outlet, so I can’t give too much away here, but we found the ideal-typical person most willing to move across borders is someone with higher education, in a leadership position at work, who has possession of three languages and a laptop computer. He or she has a partner who is not from the same country as he or she is, and the friendship network is spread out across multiple locations. The person most willing to move across borders speaks three languages and has a laptop computer.
That profile made a lot of sense to us. Moving over national borders is more likely, more possible, and more enjoyable for some individuals. Than for others. Are there other dimensions you suggest we should test?

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