Aachen Team comes to Frankfurt! Dissertation Workshop

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On January 18, 2012, the team from RWTH Aachen joined the team from the Goethe-University Frankfurt for a dissertation workshop at the Old Senate Chambers of the Jügel-House and the AfE-Tower. Heather Hofmeister, Celina Proch, Lena Hünefeld, Nils Matzner, Michaela Jüttemann, Julia Hahmann, Nadine Witt attended. Three team members from Aachen presented their work and benefited from active discussion and problem-solving. Nadine Witt presented her dissertation, „On the Phone: Individuals’ Mobile Phone Use and Evaluation in Germany.  A Qualitative Study,“ which illustrates the ways mobile telephone technology affects work and family interaction. Julia Hahmann’s dissertation, „Friendship types of older people: from the individual construction of the friendship role to support networks: an analysis of the relationship systems of older adults“ identifies six typologies of friendship in later life. Michaela Jüttemann’s dissertation, „Structural determinants of gender-specific segregation at universities, considering university context and technical orientation: an empiricalstudy“ examines the factors that help account for gender segregation at German universities.

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