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What kinds of people fuel the new backlash? Why do we need limits on paid work?

A continuation of the Blog on the new Backlash: why we need to defend work-life research and policies, from my presentation at the Conference „6th International Community, Work and Family Conference in Malmö, Sweden from 19-22 May 2015“. This presentation and blog were inspired by my response to Thomas Vasek’s book „Work-Life Bullshit“ which we […]

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A new backlash? How to Defend Work-Family Policies: Presentation in Malmö, Sweden

Work-family policies and programming have made enormous leaps forward in the public and private sectors in the last decades of the 20th century and first decades of the 21st century. The goal, broadly and generally stated, is enabling paid work, unpaid work, family care, self-care, and community involvement to all be part of a normal […]

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