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Reason #8 why it matters to have women in leadership: women’s personal development

The final aspect from my series of eight aspects why women should have access to leadership positions is the personal development that growing in a position, or towards a position, can bring for a person. A person who can grow and develop and be challenged at work will be able to develop parts of the […]

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Reason #7 why women in leadership matter: identifying and reducing barriers

A seventh reason why it’s good for all of us when we work towards having more women in leadership: to identify and reduce barriers. If the practice of getting more women into leadership positions turns out to be difficult, we learn where the barriers are to their attaining these positions. When we know where the […]

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Reason #6 why women should be in leadership: Sharing the burden

Reason six: It does people good to know they’re not alone. Sharing responsibilities in the home is good for partnerships and for children, who learn that everyone pitches in. The division of labor at work does us and our teams good, too. Sharing the burdens and responsibilities makes it possible for men and women to have more […]

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