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Eric Otieno wins Goethe University DAAD Student Prize

I am happy to announce that my student Mr. Eric Otieno won the Goethe University DAAD Student Prize in January 2014. I wrote his letter of recommendation and gave a talk at his awards ceremony to describe Eric and why he deserves the prize. I first had the pleasure of meeting Eric Otieno when he took my […]

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Work can be seen as a commodity

The third chapter of John Budd’s book “The Thought of Work” handles the concept of work as a commodity. What’s meant here is that work is an object that’s traded on the market. In some countries, like Germany, that’s been historically defined as the time the worker spends. In other countries, like Great Britain, that’s […]

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Creating a Colorful Career: GRADE talk on 7. May 2014

What can you do to make sure your career fits your ideal? There are no guarantees or formulas to follow precisely, but there are some questions you can ask yourself to guide the decisions and options you have along the way. That’s the message I told a group of graduate students at the GRADE Career […]

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