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Making meaning when the harvest comes to nothing

Before I left on vacation, I carefully preserved the summer’s harvest in the freezer. I spent hours picking and de-stoning cherries, hours picking raspberries and gooseberries (The gooseberry bushes act like angry cats when you try to take their berries, and I am often asked after harvest, „do you have a cat that you bathed […]

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A woman needs a bicycle like a fish needs water

here’s a German expression that says “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” The phrase sprang to my mind more than once on Tuesday night when I attended a talk by a colleague on “The history of women and bicycles.” Pause for a moment. Did you ever think about the history […]

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Get offline! For at least a little while

spent a month in Ireland, and during that month, I met a few Americans. Some of them asked me whether it was really, really possible to be disconnected from the office, from electronic communication, for the duration of a month. One American I met relayed a story about discovering on a recent trip that there […]

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