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Should Germany have a Quota for women in leadership, and if so, which?

oday in the news, the difference of opinion between the Work-Minister von der Leyen and the Family-Minister Schroeder has been highlighted repeatedly. The debate is about whether or not Germany, as a nation, should set a minimum percent of women in the leadership of the companies based here, and if so, what form it should […]

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Leading by allowing for intrinsic motivation

practice a leadership style that, just today, earned me some praise from my team. It’s always great to get a compliment, of course, but what I’m doing should be nothing special — it’s proven to be more effective than traditional „punish-or-reward“ methods. I don’t check minute-by-minute who’s in which office, doing what. I know that […]

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Featured Project! Determinants of Gender-Segregation at Universities

German universities are actively implementing many measures to try to create more gender equality (Germany is one of the lowest-ranked university systems in the world when it comes to the equal employment of men and women). The concentration of women in some fields, and men in other fields, should change so that there’s a better […]

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