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Lena Hünefeld wins first prize, „BKK Hessen Innovation Health“ 2010

I’m very proud to announce that my doctoral Candidate, Lena Hünefeld, won first place in the BKK (Betriebskrankenkassen) 2010 Health Innovation Prize Contest for her magister thesis, How societal expectations of masculinity, and masculine gender identity, bias rates of male depression: Interviews with Psychotherapists. Lena Hünefeld completed this research in 2009 and plans to publish […]

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The future of Aachen and the Region in 2035

Today I gave an interview about the future that was unlike any other interview I have ever experienced. The questions were scenario-based and started with, „what comes to mind when you think of ‚heimat‘?“ (which I would loosely translate as „homeland“). In the course of the interview, we discussed visions of a Utopian future, and […]

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Conference in Antwerp: Challenging inequalities in contemporary societies

I just returned from the 2nd ‚Equal is not enough‘ Conference, entitled „Challenging differences and inequalities in contemporary societies“, held in Antwerp (Belgium), 1-3 December 2010. The goal of the conference was to understand “the causes, consequences and underlying dynamics of inequalities,” and how policies help to overcome them. Types of inequality include gender, ethnicity, […]

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